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Alarmes Inteligentes | Alarme e Video Vigilância | camaras cctv | Cameras sem fios

The Intelligent Alarms  safety  ENNIO  is usually a  GSM / SMS alarm  process   with a  unique  AND ALSO  innovative design  that will  bring  a person   amazing  satisfaction  Any time   applying  it.  easily   Down load   your current   application form   from the  Apple  store   or maybe  Google Play  ALONG WITH   You can  control  your own  alarm anytime, anywhere!  via  RFID tags  to be able to  turn off  your own   process   is   sent   a great  SMS warning  to be able to   the  mobile phone, telling  anyone   who   is  coming home.  You may   additionally  leave  an  voice message  for the  members  of  his family  with the  phone.  This can  cause  you   to be able to   be   added  relaxed  Any time   anyone   are unable to   consider  home  with  time.
The alarm  process   operates   in  multiple intrusion sensors,  including  PIR motion sensor, door sensor,  your own  sensor glass break, etc.  As soon as   your current   process  detects  a great  intrusion,  It  makes  your  alarm  scoot  off  ALONG WITH   statement   That  immediately.  your   method   may   effectively  deter theft  IN ADDITION TO  detect intrusion  AS WELL AS  burglary,  AND ALSO  keep  your own  home  AND  /  or   your current   division   risk-free   by  outsiders.  You can   feel   risk-free  anywhere, anytime.
Operation  within   detection   connected with  fire  inside  smoke detectors  ALONG WITH  heat detectors causes  your own  alarm  turned on   through the  action  involving  detectors.  your own  alarm  technique  sounds  the  audible warning  AND ALSO  alarm reporting  via  GSM immediately.  the   process   will certainly  protect  ones  premises  via a  surveillance  process   for  24 hours.
Totally wireless technology  This  does not  necessitate   almost any  cables  or maybe  wires  to be able to  install,  simply just   effortlessly  plug  your own  alarm.  your own   technique   will probably   work   without   your  traditional telephone line,  AND   is usually  equipped  with  GSM  devices   That  sends  your  alarm  value   while in   one   of your  GSM networks.  ones  wireless sensors  perform   in  batteries  devoid of   ones  need  pertaining to   virtually any  cables  regarding  installation.
System  throughout  touch keypad backlit design  intended for   straightforward  operation  of the  system.  simply no  professional expertise  is   required   :   is often a   system   totally  do-it-yourselfers.
If  an individual   utilize  GSM function,  an individual  need  an  SIM  MINUTE CARD   AND ALSO   throughout   the actual  case,  You may   Pick a   program   involving  monthly subscription  AND   take-home pay   single   intended for  consumption  coming from   any  mobile operator.  the   technique   may   store  up  for you to   several   Particular  emergency  figures   to obtain  alarm.  You can   Pick   no matter if   anyone  prefer  in order to   survey   the  alarm  by having a  voice call  as well as   an  text message.  IN ADDITION TO   from the  Speed Dial function,  You will  set  your   number   of  police,  AND ALSO   incase   regarding  warning  or  prevention,  having a   quick  touch make  your  call  immediately   towards the  police  throughout  his alarm.

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